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    Slimy Salespeople Not Welcome Here

    I had an epiphany a few days ago – in a car dealership of all places. My sister was looking for a new car and had asked me to come along with her to negotiate with the sale rep she met a few days earlier.

    To protect the guilty, I will not mention the name of the dealership we went to however we were greeted with a warm welcome and immediately ushered into the salesperson’s office where things quickly fell apart. While the salesperson was very much interested in getting to figures, my sister was still trying to figure out if she liked the dealer’s cars and if so, which model to choose. I started asking some questions thinking that this would help her reach a decision. Questions along the lines of fuel efficiency, safety features, maintaining warranty protection, pricing structures – you get the picture. Apparently this was the wrong thing to do.

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    Recreational Property Report Released

    RE/MAX just released their latest Recreational Property report which finds that Generation X’ers (myself included) have become a major force in the acquisition of recreational properties. Without further ado, here are the findings…

    Mississauga, ON (June 2, 2009) — Generation X purchasers are poised to replace aging baby boomers as the major force in recreational property markets across the country, according to a report released today by RE/MAX.

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    The Naked Truth About Real Estate Agents - My Very Un-savvy, Very Honest Message to Anyone Thinking About Buying or Selling

    Here is a dirty little secret about the real estate industry. To be successful, agents have not 1 but 2 jobs. One job is to HELP PEOPLE BUY/SELL REAL ESTATE. This is the obvious one. What most people don’t realize is that this is really an agent’s second job. Our first and more difficult job is TO SELL OURSELVES. Think about it this way - if I can’t sell myself than I will never have any clients and no clients = no pay check. I love what I do but I can’t afford to work for free. While I am happy to provide people with information, the expectation is that by doing so you may one day turn into a client. My job is then and only then to provide you with services you require to buy or sell your home (job #2).

    So why am I telling you all this? I think if I’m being honest, I would urge you to distinguish between a realtor’s two jobs. Ask yourself if having a realtor with glossy magazine ads, dozens of listings, and a fancy website helps sell YOUR HOME or helps sell THEM.

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    Save Our Schools! - Information on the Proposed Changes to Southeast Oakville Elementary Schools

    If you have driven through Southeast Oakville at all in the past year, you have probably noticed the “SOS - Save our Schools” signs scattered across residents’ front lawns. While the slogan has a clever ring to it, the issue of Southeast Oakville public schools is a serious one for the Halton School Board and local residents alike. At the heart of the debate is the impact that proposed school closures and boundary changes will have on local students

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    First Time Home Buyers Are Taking the Plunge

    Here is some great news for all homeowners…

    A new RE/MAX report released today finds that first time home buyers are driving most home buying activities across Canada.  The obvious benefit is greater demand in the lower end of the market.  Perhaps less obvious is the domino effect this has on housing.  Strong demand in the low end of the market keeps prices high and encourages people currently in a starter home to move to a home with higher value, thus increasing activity levels across all price points.

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    Canadians Optimistic About Home Buying Opportunities - RBC Survey Finds

    This morning, Royal Bank of Canada released their 16th Annual Homeownership Survey. For the most part, the survey finds that Canadian’s are optimistic about home buying opportunities. In particular, the survey shows a sharp increase in adults under age 35 who are planning to buy this year (48% in 2009 up from 36% in 2008).

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    Time to Review Your Mortgage…Bank Rates Cut a Further 0.5%

    The Bank of Canada announced this morning that they would be lowering the overnight lending rate 1/2 a percentage point.  The major banks followed suit reducing the prime rate from 3% to 2.5%.  Since December 2007, the bank rates have been lowered a total of 4% points.

    If you haven’t already, now is a great time to speak with your lendor or mortgage broker about the options available to you to lower your existing mortgage rate.  It could potentially save you thousands of dollars in interest.  I am meeting a number of home owners who are seeing the softer market and attractive lending rates as a great opportunity to either move into their first home or trade up to a larger home. If you are considering buying a home or refinancing your existing home a good mortgage broker is essential.  Having trouble figuring out who’s who?  If you contact me at 905.338.9000 or, I would be happy to recommend you to some great people in the lending industry.

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    Make Your Home “FIT TO SELL” to Maximize Your Return on Investment


    By now, most of us have probably seen enough HGTV to realize that preparing your home for sale or “home staging” is a critical part of the home selling process.  While most buyers tell me they can see beyond cosmetic issues such as paint colours, decor and furniture placement, the reality is that homes that look good, inevitably sell faster and for top dollar.  When you remove the emotional attachment to your home by decluttering, depersonalizing, and neutralizing, you are left with a space that buyers instantly connect with.  All of a sudden a buyer starts mentally moving their own things in.

    Hiring home staging consultants has always been part of the services I provide to my clients.  I’ve seen the benefits first hand and can’t stress its importance enough.

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    Threat of Global Recession to Hinder Home Sales in Major Canadian Housing Markets

    Global economic uncertainty weighed heavily on residential real estate activity in most major Canadian centres during the latter half of 2008. Although the forecast for 2009 promises more of the same, most markets are expected to weather the storm, says RE/MAX.

    Housing market performance will clearly be contingent on economic performance at a local, provincial, and national level in 2009. Issues affecting the overall economy are impacting housing markets across the country and the situation is not expected to be remedied until consumer confidence is restored. If inventory levels remain stable, pent-up demand kicks into gear, and lower interest rates stimulate home-buying activity, we could see a bounce back as early as spring.

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    Attention Commuters…Life May Get a Little Easier…

    Commuting is a real issue for many Oakville homeowners. I myself spent years driving over 2 hours a day so I know first-hand the impact that commuting has on quality of life. If you live in the west end (Lakeshore Woods, Bronte Creek, West Oak Trails, etc) or are thinking of moving to the West end of the city, here is some good news.

    GO Transit recently announced that they have purchased 10 acres of land by the Bronte GO Station which they will use to create an additional 800 parking spots. Development of the land will be in two phases. The first phase calls for 400 spots to be available sometime in 2010, the remaining 400 additional spots will be developed thereafter. The current capacity at the Bronte GO is 1849 spots.

    Interested in knowing the reason behind all the construction work you pass by every day? Here are the details on a few of the major construction projects underway in Oakville:

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