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    Oakville By-Laws and Building Permits

    Ever wonder if you need a permit for the work you keep meaning to do around the house?  Looking to erect a fence, deck or remove a tree from your property?  One of the greatest things about my job is seeing other people create the homes of their dreams.  If you are ready to take on a new project, you first need to be aware of the permit requirements in your area.

     Below is a list of projects that currently require a building permit in Oakville:

    • Erecting, installing, extending, altering or repairing any building that occupies an area greater than 10 square metres (107 square feet)
    • Construction of a new home
    • Addition of a carport, garage or room(s) to an existing home
    • Construction or finishing of rooms in a basement or attic
    • Structural work including alterations to interior partitions or the installation of new skylights, windows or doors
    • Addition of dormer(s)
    • Enclosing a porch or deck
    • Addition of a deck to an existing home if it will be over 2 feet above the adjacent perimeter grade or if it is to be attached to the house
    • Raising a house to provide a full basement
    • Excavating a crawl space to construct a full basement
    • Constructing or installing accessory buildings such as a garage, tool shed, or playhouse larger than 10 square metres (107 square feet); structures smaller than  and external equipment are subject to setback regulations under the zoning by-law. Please check with the Building Services department.
    • Wood-burning fireplaces and any changes to furnace ductwork
    • Construction of any size building with plumbing
    • Converting a garage space into a living space
    • Constructing basement walkouts

    In order to receive a permit, you must first compy with the applicable Town of Oakville planning by-laws. If for some reason the work you are interested in completing is outside of an applicable by-law, don't panic.  In these cases, owners can apply for a minor variance to the Town of Oakville's Committee of Adjustment. 

    For more information on Planning and Permit regulations and requirements, visit the Town of Oakville's website at

    Here are some other useful links:

    Pool Enclosure By-Laws:

    Information on Tree Removal Requirements:

    Fence By-laws:

    If any work you complete affects a municipally owned tree on your property, you also need to be aware of Oakville's Tree Protection Procedure.  Details can be found here:

    If you are still in doubt about whether or not you need a permit, you can contact Oakville's Building Services department directly at 905-845-6601, ext. 3187, 3178, 3186 or 3362. To ensure compliance with the town's Zoning By-law, please call 905-845-6601, ext. 3036, 3174 or 3361.

    If you are ready to make your Oakville dream home a reality, I would love to hear from you.  I can be reached at or 905.484.5162.



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